Mar 22, 2017

Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC), a national civic organization, announces release of the
short-film, “DROP: A Story of Triumph.” DROP is dedicated to discouraging high school students from
dropping out of school. The film features actor Tray Chaney, formerly of HBO’s ‘The Wire,’ actors
Jordan Norris, Dominque Spencer, and a crew of new actors. In a joint statement, Virginia Delegate
Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, National Co-Chairs of Black Women for Positive Change
said, “Our goal with DROP is to discourage students from dropping out of school. We are shocked at
statistics that show dropping out is a pathway to prison for young men and women. We want to be
sure students understand the risks they are taking when they drop out and how this affects their
futures and can lead them towards poverty and/or prison.”

Chaka Balamani, of Maryland, is Director of DROP. The film highlights the struggles of a young man
who is demoralized, confused and contemplating dropping out of school. “This 39- minute film is a
must see for students, parents and teachers,” said Karen Carrington, BW4PC National Co-Chair of
Media and Events, “DROP: A Story of Triumph” is available via live steam at ; a 2-minute trailer is available on YouTube; and DVDs
can be ordered at:

A 2014 Brookings Institute Study reports a 70% chance that African American men without high school
diplomas, will be imprisoned by their mid-thirties. Statistics from the National Center for
Education indicate black girls drop out of high school almost twice as often as white girls and,
while high school graduation rates have improved in recent years, over 750,000 students still drop
out of school per year, in the United States.

Black Women for Positive Change and the Positive Change Foundation are Executive Producers of the
film. Funding was provided by sponsors including the United Steelworkers Union, the National Black
Nurses Association, Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, author of the new biography of Coretta Scott King,
Bishop Edwin Bass, representing Church of God in Christ, Poise Foundation, of Pittsburgh, PA, AT
Winds Foundation and donor/members of the BW4PC Network. For information
contact Karen Carrington, at 202-210-4005 or, 202-327-4301.

Black Women for Positive change
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For Immediate Release Contact: Karen Carrington, 202-210-4005