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Black Women for Positive Change

Black Women for Positive Change is a national policy-focused network of predominately African American women and “Good Brothers” from States including: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New York, Texas and Virginia. In 2013, the network has two primary goals: (1) To positively contribute to ideas and methods that can strengthen and expand the American Middle/Working class, with an emphasis on the African American community; and (2) To Change the Culture of Violence in America.

Objectives of the network are to:

  • Advocate on behalf of positive change in national, state and local initiatives regarding gun violence, non-violence and community-based advocacy for conflict resolution—particularly for youth.
  • Increase the quality of dissemination of information about significant government policies and programs through partnerships, media and social networking tools
  • Increase utilization of the professional and practical experience of members to improve the quality of public discourse regarding policies and programs.
  • Evaluate existing government programs and identify recommendations that may improve the quality and effectiveness of federal, state and local tax-supported government programs.
  • Inspire and motivate others to join us in our effort to be a catalyst for positive change that results in social justice and economic parity in America, with a focus on the African American community.

The Black Women for Positive Change volunteer network is supported by individual contributions of member time and resources. The network is managed by Co-Chairs Delegate Daun S. Hester, Virginia State Representative, School Principal and former Vice Mayor and City Councilwoman, City of Norfolk, Virginia and, Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, Vice President, R.J. Myers Publishing and Consulting Co., and former Presidential Appointee. State and regional networks are managed by members of the network who reside in member states.

Dr. Stephanie Myers


Washington DC

Daun Hester


Nofolk, Virginia

Annual Project

Week of Non-Violence


The Week of Non-Violence, Justice & Opportunities is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, youth, Millennials, Faith Institutions, business leaders, athletes, Educators and everyone else to organize large and small events to promote non-violence, peace and getting along. You are invited to schedule your own event in your own neighborhood to inform youth that they can master their anger, and learn conflict resolution and anti-bullying skills.


  • WORKSHOPS AND FORUMS with Youth, Millennials and Elders to discuss how to build non-violence peaceful schools, neighborhoods and cities
  • FORUMS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT to discuss: (1) what to do when you are stopped by a police officer; (2) How to train law enforcement in “De-Escalation Techniques,” and (3) How to promote communication and collaboration among law enforcement and communities
  • FILM SCREENINGS OF SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE MEDIA. Black Women for Positive Change has produced 3 films.

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