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Black Women for Positive Change

Positive Change Foundation

National, Virtual, Civic Network

Black Women for Positive Change began in 2008, as “Black Women for Obama.” After providing support to President Barack Obama Administration as volunteers, in 2012 the organization transitioned to Black Women for Positive Change. The organization is a multi-cultural advocacy network of Women, Good Brothers, Inter-Faith Leaders, Business Leaders, GenZs, Millennials, Xers and Boomers in America, Mexico, Canada, the UK and several African nations. We work in partnership with 100 Fathers Inc., National Association of Black Nurses, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, National Association for Community Mediation, California State University at Dominguez Hills, Unity in the Community and many other organizations and institutions.

BW4PC is dedicated to “Changing the Culture of Violence” through promotion and awareness of de-escalation of violence tools and methods including Peace Circles, support for de-escalation legislation, production of non-violence films and sponsorship of annual Months of Non Violence.

BW4PC promotes voters rights and encourages all voters to go to the polls, regardless of their partisanship.

Dr. Stephanie Myers


Washington DC

Daun Hester


Nofolk, Virginia

Leadership of Black Women for Positive Change

  • National Co-Chairs: Honorable Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers
  • National Vice Chair: Karen Carrington-Washington
  • Chaplain: Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds
  • Web Developer: Charlene Ligon
  • Co-Chair Web and Social Media Committee: Sylvia Little
  • National Communications Coordinator: Lisa Hughes
  • Chair, Science Committee: Dr. Georgia Dunston
  • Chair, Health Committee: Dr. Valda Crowder
  • Co-Chairs, Social Action Committee and 501C4: Honorable Jan Perry and Gloria Dulan Wilson
  • Co-Chairs Peace Circles: Professor Renata Valree and Kimberly Best
  • Tech Support and Podcast Producer: Damon Nailor
  • Video and TikTok Producers: Henry Joseph and Maria Jones
  • Co-Chairs GenZ Committee: Nahla Owens and Dillon Mims
  • Recording Secretary: Colleen Daley
  • Chair Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Latara Jones
  • Coordinator Alabama: Attorney Carthenia Jefferson
  • Co-Coordinators New York: Rev. Dr. Rose Murray and Marcia Skeete

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Black Women for Positive Change
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Mailing Address:
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