The October 2021 Tenth Annual Month of Families, Non-VIolence and Opportunities, will feature the Elizabeth Keckley Awards and Concert, October 16th, 7-9 pm.

This event will honor heroes in American society who have contributed to the quality of life in our nation by presenting them with an Elizabeth Keckley Award, to symbolize their dedication, strength and commitment.

Honorees are Benjamin Crump, Esq., Black America’s Attorney General; William “Mickey” Stevenson,” the musical powerhouse behind the throne of Motown for decades; Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Black Pioneer of the White House Press Corps and Bestselling Author; the  courageous National Association of Black Nurses who has protected America through the Covid Pandemic, represented by their National President Dr. Martha Dawson; and Mary Bernadette Tolson, top staffer to five Mayors in the District of Columbia and stellar advocate for social justice and equality.

A musical concert will be provided by Dietrick Haddon, composer of “I Can’t Breathe.”

Our honorees are saluted in the name of the historic figure Elizabeth Keckley, a woman born into slavery, who bought her own freedom, and was a bold and avid Abolitionist against slavery. Mrs. Keckley started her own seamstress business in Washington, D.C. and became one of America’s first fashion designers, with clients like Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, and wives of U.S. Senators.