IN AFFILIATION WITH BLACK WOMEN FOR POSITIVE CHANGE Producing Socially Responsible Tools to Change the Culture of Violence



The Positive Change Foundation was established January 2014, with the goal of producing socially responsible media tools to educate youth and violence-prone adults about violence prevention. Socially responsible media includes social networking, film production, music production, websites, Facebook and other social networks.
Projects of the Positive Change Foundation are conducted in partnership with Black Women for Positive Change, a civic association established in 2012. Black Women for Positive Change is a non-partisan association.


Projects managed by the Positive Change Foundation include:
  • 2016 Week of Non-Violence, October 15-23, 2016
  • Production of “Red Flags in Domestic Violence:” a docu-short video that tells the story of two women victims of domestic violence.
  • Distribution of “On 2nd Thought” a youth violence prevention short-film based on a true story of a love triangle. Film promotes the concept of having “Second Thoughts” before committing violence.
  • Production of “The Drop” a short-film dedicated to discouraging youth from dropping out of school. Completion: September 2016.

Mailing address for donations is:

Positive Change Foundation 1220 L. Street, NW, # 100-181 Washington, D.C. 20005. Tax ID # for the Positive Change Foundation is 47-1116945. Email:   positivechangefdn@outlook.com 

Sponsorship and Membership Donation Levels

Platinum Institutional Sponsor $25000
Gold Sponsorship Package $5000
Silver Sponsorship Package $2500
National Organizations Partner $1000
Annual Active Membership and Renewal $75
Annual Renewal of Charter Member $50
Annual Discounted Student and Senior Citizen Membership $25