Quincy Hester

Quincy Hester

Tribute to Quincy Hester

I am blessed to be loved and supported by Quincey Hester, Sr. He is a wonderful father, grandfather and great-grandfather! Pop Pop is loved. Happy Father’s Day.

Much love from your Wife


Carl Smith

Tribute to Carl Smith

I pay tribute to my husband, Lt. Col. Carl Smith, who I have been married to for 24 years.  He is definitely my Prince Charming, My Knight in Shining Armor.  We dated for 6 years and what really stole my heart was how he treated and loved my children just as much as he loved me.  I knew then that I had a jewel.

He has truly made our lives worry free and the kids love him. He is a military officer stationed in several states but, has always been an accessible dad and husband.

My husband is truly the epitome of a phenomenal husband and an amazing/great dad and grandfather!

A true Dad is someone who gets up every day and does whatever he can to put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on your table and has loved/nourished your mental, physical and emotional being.

Thank you, Carl Smith aka Honey, for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

Your wife Danyell Smith

Franklyn Malone

Tribute to Franklyn Malone

To a loving husband, father, grandfather, and leader, I am so proud that you are in our lives.  I love you for begin a wonderful man with so much love to share.

I love you for being a special friend who shows such warmth and care.  I love you for being the kind of Father that only you could be.

I love you for being everything that means the most to me.

Yours always,



Charles Powell

Tribute to Charles Powell

I’d like to pay tribute to the man in my life. He raised his son along with raising other children.

His generosity, kindness and willingness to help others have always made him a “stand-out” guy!!

We love you and want you to enjoy your special day!!

Your wife Diane and your sisters!!

Pierpont Mobley

Tribute to Pierpont Mobley

I pay tribute to my husband, Pierpont Mobley, whom I am blessed to have celebrated over 50 years of marriage.

He is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

He is not only committed to his family and friends but, has devoted over 40 years using his Civil Rights background to fight against all forms of discrimination and support social justice causes.

It is for these reasons he is blessed to have so many people in the District of Columbia to recognize and celebrate him.

To God Be the Glory!

Jeannette Mobley


Richard L. Washington

Happy Father’s Day 2021 to my Husband Richard L. Washington.

Thank you for your support and encouragement of my various endeavors of civic, social and political interests.

More importantly, thank you for your Love and your Strength that helps me along with the Grace of the Good Lord to continue on this course we call “Life.”

Love You,

Karen Carrington-Washington