Black Women for Positive Change endorses Darrel Thompson for City Council, Ward 6, District of Columbia

Feb 18, 2014

Black Women for Positive Change, a civic network, announces their endorsement of Darrel Thompson
for Ward 6 seat, City Council, District of Columbia. In a joint statement National Co-Chairs Dr
Stephanie E. Myers, resident of Ward 6 and Daun S. Hester, stated, “Darrel Thompson is a home-grown
Washingtonian, partially raised in Baltimore. Having grown up in the inner city he understands the
challenges and obstacles facing today’s youth. We are impressed with his breadth of education as a
graduate of from Morgan State University and his Masters Degree from Harvard University. We
believe Darrel’s experience as a staff member with U.S. Senator Harry Reid will give him a unique
ability to bring federal resources and national connections to Ward 6, in the District of Columbia.
We are counting on him to focus on jobs and job training for the unemployed, economic development
and opportunities for small businesses.

Karen Carrington, Charter Member of Black Women for Positive Change and resident of Ward 6 stated,
“I am a homeowner residing on the Southwest Waterfront of Ward 6, and I am glad our organization is
endorsing Darrell Thompson for the DC City Council, Ward 6. I am confident that he possesses the
leadership and political savvy needed to propel Ward 6 to become economically viable through
education, training, and job creation. I like his plans to bolster small business and economic
development and to retain affordable housing by managing the impact of re-gentrification. Darrell
has empathy for people and sees the needs that are so prevalent in our community.“

Black Women for Positive Change is a civic network dedicated to preserving and expanding the
American Middle/Working Class and “Changing the Culture of Violence in America.”
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