Black Women for Positive Change Calls on America to Promote Non- Violence during ‘National Week of Non-Violence’, August 16-23, 2014

Jun 29, 2014

Washington, DC – Using a playground in the District of Columbia as a backdrop on Monday, June 16,
2014, Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC) and Members of the BW4PC Summit Council on
Non-Violence issued a call for citizens to support a National Week of Non- Violence, August 16-23,
2014. BW4PC, a national virtual network with members in 20 States stated, “Playgrounds must be safe
places where our girls and boys can play without fear of violence or assault. We are calling for a
National Week of Non-Violence so local communities to teach youth and violence-prone adults skills
in conflict resolution, anger management, and awareness of non-violence techniques.” Proclamations
in support of the National Week of Non- Violence have been issued by Governor Bill Haslam, State of
Tennessee and Mayor William D. Euille, of Alexandria, Virginia. (see attached)

Dr. Stephanie Myers, National Co-Chair, BW4PC called for citizens to take responsibility for
‘Changing the Culture of Violence in America.’ “We can’t expect government to do everything for
us…citizens must step up to educate their children, grandchildren and neighbors about how to deal
with conflicts and confrontations without resorting to violence.” BW4PC Chaplain Rev. Dr. Barbara
Reynolds, Press Conference Moderator, referred to a recent incident where a six (6) old girl was
shot while playing on a nearby playground. Members of the BW4PC Summit Council on Non-Violence who
participated in the press conference were National Summit Council Members Mayor William D. Euille
of Alexandria, VA, who presented his Proclamation; BW4PC Charter Member Rabbi Batya Steinlauf,
Director of Social Justice and Interfaith Initiatives, Jewish Community and Relations Council; Imam
Talib Shareef, Head of the Nation’s Mosque, Washington, DC; Marcus Hughes, Youth Council of the
NAACP; and Leutrell Osbourne, Esq. and Lenney Lowe, of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Washington, D.C.
Three uniformed officers of the Metropolitan Police Department stood with BW4PC to support the
Non-Violence initiative along with Charter Members Bernadette Tolson, Chair, BW4PC Development
Committee; Rev. Emily Ward, and BW4PC Treasurer Sondra Henderson.

In a joint statement BW4PC National Co-Chairs Virginia Delegate Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie
Myers stated, “In light of the terrible tragedies of violence occurring in U.S. cities, we urge
citizens to assume leadership to change the culture of violence in America. The shootings in
Portland, Oregon; Santa Barbara; Sandy Hook; Columbine; Chicago; and here in Washington, DC
reflect a negative part of the American culture that must be stopped. While we understand violence
in the military is a necessary part of national security, we believe the current display of violent
behavior has gone to extreme excess. We, as Americans must find ways to promote optimism and
opportunity and to transform violence to non-violence in music, art, film, TV, video games,
inter-personal interactions and other social norms so children, youth, adults and elders
can live peaceful, safe, productive lives without fear of violence.”

Black Women for Positive Change
“Changing the Culture of Violence in America”
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Dr. Barbara Reynolds, noted journalist and BW4PC Chaplain said, “We must ensure that our children
are safe on playgrounds, can attend school, church and recreation centers without fear of
being shot or attacked with other forms of violence. We are calling on faith leaders, concerned
citizens, elected officials and organizations to stop being passive and get involved and organize
non-violence events during the Week of Non-Violence.” Events can be listed on a Master Calendar at:

On August 23, 2014, BW4PC will host a National Summit on Non-Violence in Washington,
D.C. featuring conflict resolution and non-violence workshops at Metropolitan AME Church, 1518 M
Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., 9 am – 5 pm/EST. To pre-register citizens can sign up at For information go to the website or contact BW4PC via Email
at: Registration for Summit is free but, donations are requested.
BW4PC representatives are available for Talk Shows and interviews.

Black Women for Positive Change
“Changing the Culture of Violence in America”
P.O. Box 78211, Washington, DC 20013; Fax 202-403-3743;
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