Black Women for Positive Change Calls for Changing the Culture of Violence in America

Aug 1, 2013

In response to the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman in the trial of Trayvon Martin, Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC) National Co-Chairs, Virginia Delegate Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, released the following statement, “It is hard to believe the jury found George Zimmerman (Defendant) not guilty on all counts, for the murder of Trayvon Martin. While we respect the judicial process, we believe George Zimmerman should have at least been found guilty of manslaughter. We believe there is an overall problem of a culture of violence in America that contributes to a jury letting a racial profiler like Zimmerman go free after killing Trayvon–a 17 year old youth who wasn’t accused or arrested for committing a crime. Our hearts go out to Trayvon’s brave parents, and all of the parents who have lost their children to violence. This senseless killing must stop.”

Myers and Hester continued, “Our organization is committed to ‘Changing the Culture of Violence in America.’ We are convening a National Summit on Non-Violence, Thursday, August 22, 2013, in Washington D.C, during the Week of the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington. At the Summit, we will discuss violence-prone attitudes and behaviors of racial profilers like George Zimmerman, gang members, domestic abusers and child abusers with the goal of finding ways to eliminate those behaviors to protect youth, and vulnerable individuals. We will also have a courageous conversation about our seeming acceptance of youth violence and injustice when victim and perpetrator are both Black. We are calling on parents, faith leaders, elected officials and mentors to help coach youth—and their parents, in conflict resolution techniques so, that all children and youth can walk to corner stores safely and feel safe in their neighborhoods. This is not a time to just talk about the problem—we must mobilize to Change the Culture of Violence in America.”
Black Women for Positive Change, (BW4PC) is a national civic network of volunteers. They are partnering with faith-leaders to host the National Summit on Non-Violence, August 22, 2013, at Metropolitan AME Church, 1518 M St NW, Washington, DC 20005. BWP4C is also calling for elected officials to declare a “National Day of Non-Violence” on August 22, 2013 and for Faith Leaders to preach on Non-Violence during August and September 2013. For more information and/or to get involved go to

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