Carl Smith

Tribute to Carl Smith

I pay tribute to my husband, Lt. Col. Carl Smith, who I have been married to for 24 years.  He is definitely my Prince Charming, My Knight in Shining Armor.  We dated for 6 years and what really stole my heart was how he treated and loved my children just as much as he loved me.  I knew then that I had a jewel.

He has truly made our lives worry free and the kids love him. He is a military officer stationed in several states but, has always been an accessible dad and husband.

My husband is truly the epitome of a phenomenal husband and an amazing/great dad and grandfather!

A true Dad is someone who gets up every day and does whatever he can to put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on your table and has loved/nourished your mental, physical and emotional being.

Thank you, Carl Smith aka Honey, for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

Your wife Danyell Smith

Franklyn Malone

Tribute to Franklyn Malone

To a loving husband, father, grandfather, and leader, I am so proud that you are in our lives.  I love you for begin a wonderful man with so much love to share.

I love you for being a special friend who shows such warmth and care.  I love you for being the kind of Father that only you could be.

I love you for being everything that means the most to me.

Yours always,



Charles Powell

Tribute to Charles Powell

I’d like to pay tribute to the man in my life. He raised his son along with raising other children.

His generosity, kindness and willingness to help others have always made him a “stand-out” guy!!

We love you and want you to enjoy your special day!!

Your wife Diane and your sisters!!

Pierpont Mobley

Tribute to Pierpont Mobley

I pay tribute to my husband, Pierpont Mobley, whom I am blessed to have celebrated over 50 years of marriage.

He is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

He is not only committed to his family and friends but, has devoted over 40 years using his Civil Rights background to fight against all forms of discrimination and support social justice causes.

It is for these reasons he is blessed to have so many people in the District of Columbia to recognize and celebrate him.

To God Be the Glory!

Jeannette Mobley


Richard L. Washington

Happy Father’s Day 2021 to my Husband Richard L. Washington.

Thank you for your support and encouragement of my various endeavors of civic, social and political interests.

More importantly, thank you for your Love and your Strength that helps me along with the Grace of the Good Lord to continue on this course we call “Life.”

Love You,

Karen Carrington-Washington


Roy J. Myers

You personify everything a Black man should be in terms of a loving husband, dedicated father, loving grandfather and great-grandfather, loyal son-in-law, compassionate Good Brother and Businessman.  Plus, you are my best friend.

Thank you for being a role model to young men and women and for being there for me during my tough times.

It has been a blessing to be your wife for 30 years.

Love Forever,

Your Wife Stephanie

Winners Selected for DROP: A Story of Triumph National Creative Expressions Contest

For Immediate Release
Contact: Karen Carrington, 202-210-4005

The Positive Change Foundation, in affiliation with Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC) has selected winners for the National Creative Expressions Contest, based on the film, “DROP: A Story of Triumph.” Nine winners from Middle and High Schools and a Homeschool have been selected from schools including Darnell Cookman Middle/High School of the Medical Arts, Jacksonville, Florida; Pittsburgh School for Creative and Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; South Carolina Virtual Charter School, in Columbia, and Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle School, in Greenville, South Carolina; Luke C. Moore Senior High School, Muhammad’s Homeschool Coop; and H. D Woodson High School in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the Creative Expressions Contest was to provide youth an opportunity to express their reactions to messages about dropping out of school, portrayed in the film “DROP: A Story of Triumph,” produced by Black Women for Positive Change.

The National Creative Expressions Contest attracted 109 applications from 18 states and the District of Columbia. Seventy-six (76) youth completed contest submissions and entered essays, poems, videos and drawings. Contestants were from 52 high schools, middle schools and a homeschool. Winners won prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. In a joint statement National Co-Chairs Dr. Stephanie Myers and Honorable Daun S. Hester stated, “We sponsored the Creative Expression Contest as part of the 6th Annual Week of Positive Change, Non-Violence and Opportunities. We appreciate the support of our major sponsors American Family Insurance, Saint and Streetfighter Foundation, and Highmark Inc., and other partners. Their donations enabled us to provide youth rewards for winning essays, poems, drawings and videos. The views of the youth are powerful and describe the challenges they face regarding staying in school, the dire results of dropping out, and the importance of family support when pursuing education, during and after high school.

Tom Johnson, President and CEO of the Saint and Streetfighter Foundation said, “The Saint and Streetfighter Foundation is dedicated to fighting for social justice and reducing gun violence in the United States. When we keep our nation’s children in school, our communities are strengthened, and our children are made stronger – intellectually, emotionally and physically – able to go forward with the education that will enable them to achieve more in life instead of a path that increases their exposure to gun violence. We are thrilled to support DROP and the Creative Expressions Contest developed by Black Women for Positive Change and the Positive Change Foundation. We are excited that students have viewed the video and eloquently expressed their views about the importance of education and staying in school.”

The National Creative Expressions Contest was managed by Dr. Stephanie Myers, President of the Positive Change Foundation and BW4PC National Co-Chair, Karen Carrington, Creative Expressions Contest Committee Chair; and Nadira Akina, Creative Expressions Contest Administrator. A team of 12 Volunteer Judges evaluated the submissions and selected the winners. Interviews with the winners who are minors, may be available to the press on a request basis.



Produced by Black Women for Positive Change

Black Women for Positive Change Announces 2018 Week of Non-Violence

For Immediate Release
Contact: Karen Carrington, 202-210-4005

(Washington, D.C.) Black Women for Positive Change, (BW4PC) in affiliation with the Positive Change Foundation, announces the Sixth Annual 2018 Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities, October 13-21, 2018. In a joint statement, Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, National Co-Chairs of Black Women for Positive Change said, “We are reaching out to leaders around the United States and the World, to join us in the sixth annual Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities. We are honored that an outstanding group of leaders are joining this effort to promote the concepts of violence prevention, anger management, and de-escalation of violence. This year the theme is ‘Opportunities As Alternatives to Violence.’ The goal is to inspire communities and families, to actively change the culture of violence by helping youth to pursue opportunities as alternatives to violence.”  In 2017, forty cities participated in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and Republic of Congo.

The 2018 National Honorary Co-Chairs for the Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities are: Congresswoman Gwen Moore, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dr. Charles Steele, President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Michelle Bernard, Esq., MSNBC News Anchor and President/CEO, the Bernard Center for Women; Antonio Knox, Immediate Past Grand Basileus, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Tamika Mallory, National Co-Chair, The Women’s March; and Kemba Smith, Social Justice Advocate. An Honorary Co-Chair of Baltimore, Maryland, is John Olszewski, Jr.

In accepting the role of National Honorary Co-Chair Congresswoman Gwen Moore stated, ““As a Black woman, it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of America. Day in and day out, we find ourselves at the intersection of oppression and injustice. I am proud to join Black Women for Positive Change in declaring that we shall overcome these times. Progress is on the horizon. In our hearts and in our Congress, hatred will not win.”

Partners for the Week of Non-Violence include National Black Nurses Association, Moms Demand Action, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Next Generation Action Network, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, North Carolina Central Law School,  Saints and Streetfighters Foundation, Wednesday Clergy Fellowship (partial listing) To find out more information or sign up for the 2018 Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities, go to For media questions or interviews please contact, Karen Carrington, National Communications Chair, at 202-210-4005.

About Black Women for Positive Change

Black Women for Positive Change is a national, interfaith, multicultural network of volunteer women, “Good Brothers” youth and millennials. Participants in the 2017 Week of Non-Violence were in Alabama, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and the United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa and Republic of Congo. Interviews are available.

The mission of Black Women for Positive Change is: (1) To strengthen and expand the American Middle/Working class, with an emphasis on the African American community; and (2) To Change the Culture of Violence in America, and the World.  The 2018 Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities, October 13-21, 2018 is one of the organization’s major initiatives.

Contact: Karen Carrington

Twitter: @WKOfNViolence
Hashtag: #WKOFNViolence
Instagram: WKOfNViolence
FB: Week of Non- Violence
FB: Black Women for Positive Change




Mar 22, 2017

Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC), a national civic organization, announces release of the
short-film, “DROP: A Story of Triumph.” DROP is dedicated to discouraging high school students from
dropping out of school. The film features actor Tray Chaney, formerly of HBO’s ‘The Wire,’ actors
Jordan Norris, Dominque Spencer, and a crew of new actors. In a joint statement, Virginia Delegate
Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, National Co-Chairs of Black Women for Positive Change
said, “Our goal with DROP is to discourage students from dropping out of school. We are shocked at
statistics that show dropping out is a pathway to prison for young men and women. We want to be
sure students understand the risks they are taking when they drop out and how this affects their
futures and can lead them towards poverty and/or prison.”

Chaka Balamani, of Maryland, is Director of DROP. The film highlights the struggles of a young man
who is demoralized, confused and contemplating dropping out of school. “This 39- minute film is a
must see for students, parents and teachers,” said Karen Carrington, BW4PC National Co-Chair of
Media and Events, “DROP: A Story of Triumph” is available via live steam at ; a 2-minute trailer is available on YouTube; and DVDs
can be ordered at:

A 2014 Brookings Institute Study reports a 70% chance that African American men without high school
diplomas, will be imprisoned by their mid-thirties. Statistics from the National Center for
Education indicate black girls drop out of high school almost twice as often as white girls and,
while high school graduation rates have improved in recent years, over 750,000 students still drop
out of school per year, in the United States.

Black Women for Positive Change and the Positive Change Foundation are Executive Producers of the
film. Funding was provided by sponsors including the United Steelworkers Union, the National Black
Nurses Association, Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, author of the new biography of Coretta Scott King,
Bishop Edwin Bass, representing Church of God in Christ, Poise Foundation, of Pittsburgh, PA, AT
Winds Foundation and donor/members of the BW4PC Network. For information
contact Karen Carrington, at 202-210-4005 or, 202-327-4301.

Black Women for Positive change
Preserving and Strengthening the Middle/Working Class “Changing the Culture of Violence in America”
1220 L. Street, NW, #100-181, Washington, DC 20005; Fax 202-403-3743;
For Immediate Release Contact: Karen Carrington, 202-210-4005